2016 Reading Challenge – January Update

knowledge-1052012_640This year is off to a busy start!  On January 14th I moved to Louisville, to start school at Boyce College.  As I blogged recently, I decided to attempt Tim Challies 2016 Reading Challenge.   I didn’t get as much reading done this month as I would have liked to, but I did finish a few books:

  1. We Cannot Be Silent – R. Albert Mohler
  2. What is the Gospel – Greg Gilbert
  3. I am a Church Member (Thom Rainer)

I also started several books for school, which will be covered in coming posts!  I am going to keep this update short and sweet; but you can expect better fleshed-out posts in the future.  I am hoping to write a review for each of these books, so you can look for that in the future as well!

About Sydney Herron

Sydney is a student at Boyce College at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, studying Business Administration. Sydney loves her family, camping/hiking, icecream, all things Disney, Canada, and reading.