2016 Reading Challenge – May Update

May was a slow month for the reading challenge.  I finished school early in May, and moved home on the 6th, so that week was pretty much a loss between studying, packing, and saying good-bye.  When I got home, I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, and not reading.  I think it was good to take a break from the books after a busy academic year.  Towards the end of May, I started reading on the train (my commute includes an hour each way on the train), which helped me get back into the swing of things.Book, Read, Relax, Lilac, Bank, Old, Book Pages, Rest

In May I completed:

  • 25. Praying the Bible (Donald Whitney)
  • 26. Unparalleled (Jared C. Wilson)
  • 27. Camaraderie of Confidence (John Piper)

It wasn’t much, but I am going to cut myself some slack for this month because I am a few books ahead of schedule, and I had a busy month getting home from school.  June and July promise to be more interesting!

About Sydney Herron

Sydney is a student at Boyce College at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, studying Business Administration. Sydney loves her family, camping/hiking, icecream, all things Disney, Canada, and reading.