9Marks at Southern: Conversion Conference


On February 26 and 27 I was able to attend a 9Marks at Southern conference, on the theme of conversion.  This conference was led by Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Greg Gilbert, Zane Pratt, Curtis Woods, and  John Onwucheckwa, all of whom are excellent speakers and I was really excited to learn from them.

When I arrived at the conference, I realized that I was not the primary audience for this conference – it was aimed primarily at pastors.  As such, I felt that a lot of the content was not aimed at me, and I struggled to apply some of what I was learning with my ministry.  Overall, I did enjoy the sessions I attended (I had to miss Zane Pratt’s and John Onwucheckwa’s due to class/work obligations), and I did come away from the conference having learned about the role of conversion in the church; but it probably was not the most useful event I could have attended. I definitely recommend a 9Marks at SBTS conference for men who are interested in pastoral ministry; if that is not you then I would probably sit this one out.  If you fit into their target audience, I am sure that this would be an awesome conference, and you’d learn a lot and be encouraged.  If this is not you, and you do choose to go, there will definitely be information that you can use; there are just other conferences that could probably serve you better if you are not in pastoral ministry.

About Sydney Herron

Sydney is a student at Boyce College at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, studying Business Administration. Sydney loves her family, camping/hiking, icecream, all things Disney, Canada, and reading.