February 19-25 Weekly Round-up

We’re back with week two of weekly roundup, a selection of articles I read that I thought were worthy of being passed around some more. This week there were a lot of articles that I read about discontentment and the messiness of life, and I think that shows in the articles I’m sharing this week.

  1. Discontentment Says Something About You; Not Your Circumstances: This article was posted almost a year ago on Crossway, but I found it last week through a blog on The Gospel Coalition so I figured it could count for this week!  In this article, Philip Ryken writes: “We need to be honest about the fact that all of our dissatisfaction is discontent with God. Usually we take out our frustrations on someone else. But God knows that when we grumble, we are finding fault with him. A complaining spirit indicates a problem in our relationship with God.” I found this article to be a good reminder of choosing joy rather than discontentment, which I think is a reminder we could also use, often.
  2. The Priceless Gift in Every Trial: In this article, David Matthis encourages the reader to choose joy.  Every time we are presented with a trial or challenge, we have two choices: we can choose to be discontent and to complain; or we recognize that this is hard, and kinda sucks, but still choose to find our joy in Christ.  He writes: “..even life’s most painful trials have a vital part to play in our joy.”
  3. God Shines Most in Our Messiness: “Let God use the messiness to make you and others more like him.” Wow.  So often it is a struggle to be vulnerable and honest in our community with the messiness in our life.  In this article on DesiringGod, Steven Lee challenges the reader to be vulnerable and share their messiness with their community.  You never know who else is struggling with the same things, and your vulnerability and willingness to share could be beneficial not just for your growth, but to encourage them also.

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