I am a Church Member: Discovering the Attitude that Makes the Difference

While there are tons of good books about being a good pastor, worship leader, Sunday school teacher, or youth leader; there are very few books that exist to instruct us how to be good church members.

Related imageThom Rainer does an excellent job showcasing what our responsibilities are as a member of a local church, and what our attitudes towards these responsibilities must be.  In this short, six chapter book, Rainer addresses six things all church members must do: they must be functioning, unifying and praying members, they must not let their preferences and desires dictate their faithfulness and serving, they must lead their family to be faithful and healthy members of the church, and they must treasure their church membership as a gracious gift of God.  A church will only be healthy so long as it is comprised of healthy church members.   The church is a place “to serve, to care for others, to pray for our leaders, to learn, to teach, to give, and, in some cases, to die for the sake of the gospel” (page 6). In order for our churches to thrive in gospel proclamation, we must first be a loving, caring, serving church; faithfully committed to loving each other.

All Christians ought to be faithfully serving in the context of a local church, therefore, this is a book that deserves to be read by all Christians.  If you are considering becoming a member of a church, have recently become a member of a church, or are struggling with what your responsibilities are as a member of a church, this is a book that you need to read.


Rainer, Thom, I am a Church MemberNashville: B&H Books, 2013. 79pp. Hardcover, $12.99.

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