Me Too: Experiencing The God Who Understands

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-36-17-pmMe Too: Experience the God Who Understands is a book that sets out to show the reader that while God is all-powerful, He also understands what we are experiencing.  When I picked up the book, I thought I was going to be studying how, through the personhood of Jesus Christ, God understands our suffering.  My expectations were vastly different then what I encountered throughout the pages of Me Too.  While the author certainly did touch on this a few times, I found that much of the book was disconnected from this over-arching theme.

There are attributes of this book that are praise-worthy, however there are also many points of concern throughout the book. The author has a great heart for the outcasts of society and those who are considered “unlovable” which is perhaps the greatest attribute of this book. As I read through Me Too, I was grateful to see the authors heart for those who are suffering, it was really encouraging to me. The author’s main point in Me Too is that God cares about His people, Weece makes this point by sharing many examples of God’s love for His children.  This takes place primarily through the author sharing personal stories, and unfortunately it is rarely backed up by Scripture.  There is nothing wrong with sharing personal stories – they definitely have a place and are helpful for application – but in the case of Me Too, personal stories are overpowering and take away from the gospel.  There are also instances where the author makes comments that I hope are jokes (such as where he comments on the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity, and remarks how it must be great that the former Muslim is now able to enjoy pork), that are almost inappropriate, and definitely not helpful.

Content-wise, the book is well organized, however, the layout is not conducive to easy reading. There is extra spacing included between each paragraph, making it the reading experience pretty choppy and at times difficult to follow.  If another edition is released, it would be helpful to change the font to one that is more reader-friendly, and remove the spacing.  That would also make the book shorter!

I really struggled with writing this review.  I was not a fan of Me Too: Experience the God Who Understands and I would not recommend it to most people.  While the premise of the book is great, I had problems with the theology shared throughout the book.  This was a major problem area for me. I would absolutely love to recommend every book I review, and I would love to recommend this one also but I cannot suggest it as a “must read” or even a “should read”.  There are so many wonderful books out there that deal with God’s love, His personhood through Jesus, and other topics that this book touch on, that I would recommend you look to one of those instead.  If you need suggestions feel free to send me an email through the contact form!


Weece, Jon. Me Too: Experience the God who Understands. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016. 224pp. Paperback, $16.99.

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