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Are you a curious Christian?  When you read the Bible, do you take time to pursue answers about the text you are reading? The NIV FaithLife Study Bible from Zondervan is created with the purpose of guiding the reader to approach the Bible with a spirit of curiosity.  Even if you have read through the Bible numerous times, it is important to approach it with a spirit of curiosity, seeking to know and understand more clearly the text as you read it. Christians should long to be in the Word daily, and set aside time to read and seek to understand what we are reading.

Even with Scriptures that are familiar, there is always more to be gleaned from a text.  The NIV FaithLife Study Bible from Zondervan makes it easier for the reader to take away more from the text with detailed study notes that show the significance of various things, along with the other features such as introductions and outlines of each book, detailed timelines, and diagrams of family trees.   These notes and features are especially helpful for sections that readers tend to skim over such as  greetings or genealogies. When you take the time to look into the text, you will find that these often-skipped sections contain a glorious insight and key applications that Christians can takeaway.  The entirety of Scripture (including genealogies!) was included for a reason: if you don’t understand why, maybe it is something you should pursue it more deeply.

Be curious.  Seek out answers for questions you have.  Strive to learn more. This NIV FaithLife Study Bible will be a huge asset to your pursuit of understanding the Scripture.  While some study Bibles feature notes in a particular area (cultural backgrounds, word translation, etc.) or a specific person (women, teens, pastors, etc.)  this Bible provides notes on many areas and as such is useful to any user.  This is a study Bible that I would recommend to someone who wants to learn more about various aspects of the Bible, rather than focusing on one specific aspect.  It is a great Bible, and would be beneficial to many Christians as they begin to dig beneath the surface and learn more about the Bible.


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Barry, John D., Douglas Mangum, Derek R. Brown, and Michael S. Heiser. NIV FaithLife Study Bible. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017. 2,704pp. Hardcover, $49.99.

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