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Over the past several months I have accumulated six different study Bibles, all highlighting different features.  The most recent Bible I have received is the NKJV Word Study Bible from Thomas Nelson.   This is the only NKJV of the Bible that I own, as I prefer the ESV, HCSB, or NIV, however when I saw the word study features of this study Bible I thought I would check it out.  Similarly to my previous Bible reviews, I did not read this Bible in its entirety, but rather chose one book of the Bible to look at, paying close attention to the notes included. 

The NKJV Word Study has some great features that are very helpful for Bible study.   It’s main boast is 1,700 easy-to-understand word studies from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.  This Bible also includes coloured maps, a concordance and the words of Christ in red. Each book of the Bible begins with a short introduction that includes a few “watch words” which are central words that will come up repeatedly throughout the book.  This Bible does not include any general study Bible notes, all of the notes are focused on word studies. 

As the reader looks at the text, there will be several underlined words, which shows that there is a study section to go with that word.  On the first page of 2 Corinthians, there are study sections for will and fellowship which both refer to previous notes, and gift which gives a paragraph explanation of the meaning of gift as used in this way.  For anyone looking for further study of central words, this is a great tool as it allows the reader to recognize important sections of each passage right within the text.  It does not however eliminate the need for other reference books, as the notes could be greater detailed.  

I liked the NKJV Word Study Bible, and think that this Bible would likely make a great addition to any seminary students bookshelf, or to the bookshelf of someone who wants to study the meaning behind certain words.  It will not be replacing my regular Bibles that I use for study, and I would not recommend it to anyone as a primary study Bible, but I am hopeful that it will be a helpful tool.

NKJV Word Study Bible.  Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016. 1,760pp. Hard cover, $39.99.

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