Changing World, Unchanging Mission

Changing World, Unchanging Mission is the latest book authored by Dr. David Sills.  Changing World Unchanging Mission is an important primer that is essential for all believers who want to grow in their understanding of Christian missions as our world works towards globalization.  Our world is changing and globalizing at an incredibly rapid pace.  Technology […]

The Insanity of Obedience

NOTE: This book review has been adapted from my review of The Insanity of Obedience that I handed in as a part of my Introduction to Christian Missions class at Boyce College.  It will be a different [and lengthier] style than my usual book reviews, but I hope you will enjoy a more in-depth look […]

Why Trust The Bible?

There are many well-written hermeneutic books that answer the question of why the Bible is trustworthy, but many of those are not accessible or understandable for most lay people.   Greg Gilbert in Why Trust The Bible? presents a case for the trustworthiness of the Bible in a way that is understandable for most people.  It answers many questions […]

What is the Gospel?

  In this concise book, Greg Gilbert answers the question “what is the gospel?”, and walks through the truths of the gospel, as explained by Scripture. Christians often have fragmented views of what the gospel is, that is, they don’t see the complete picture of the gospel.  While most Christians, if asked, could tell you part […]

2016 Reading Challenge

In late 2015, Tim Challies posted a Reading Challenge for 2016.  He offered four different levels (I have included what each level entails below) with each level including the level(s) prior and building on those.  At the start of the year,  I decided to do the Committed Reader plan, which involved reading 52 books (or one book […]

Welcome, 2016

January 1 is here! And with it, we welcome a new year: 2016.  This year promises to be filled with excitement for me; yesterday was my last day as a business analyst at CIBC, and in about two weeks I will be moving to Louisville, KY to start school at Boyce College.  It seems crazy […]